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Recent Trips

Photos of recent fishing trips at I'm Alone

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5/8/05 to 5/11/05 at Chandeleur Island

Mobile County Group - Trip Dates 5/8/05 to 5/11/05 at Chandeleur Island.
This group had a great time and "limited out" on large trout and caught lots
of redfish. Trout size was 4-6lb., caught on 1/4 oz lead head and plastic
baits plus mirrorlures. Had to practice "Catch and Release". Before
departing the "I'M ALONE", They expressed a desire to return and they
reserved a trip for 2006.

05/05/05 to 05/07/05 Trip to Chandeleur Island

This group of fisherman from Alabama, Oklahoma, Colorado and Louisiana, Trip
Dates 05/05/05 to 05/07/05, came together for a trip to Chandeleur Island on
board the "I'M ALONE". The fishing started out good the first morning and
continued that way until the end of the trip. The catch was large trout 4-6
lb and some nice redfish. Everyone had a great time.

4/28/05 to 5/1/05 to Chandeleur

This group from Douglas, Georgia - Trip Date 4/28/05 to 5/1/05, started
their trip in shore because of weather. Then went to Chandeleur, where they
caught a "mess" of fish before heavy weather set in on the last day. Caught
some nice trout and redfish.

April 17-20 2005 trip to Chandeleur Island

The Specs and Reds where there! This group of "I'm Alone" angler experienced Chandeleur Island fishing at it's best!
April 17-20 2005

2/17- 2/20, 2005 Trip to the Louisiana Marsh

Another great I'm Alone trip to the Louisiana Marsh. Once we located fish the action was fast and furious!
2/17- 2/20, 2005

Feb. 10-13, 2005

April 26 - 29, 2001 Trip

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April 5 - 8, 2001 Trip

deck1-040501.JPG (89155 bytes)eating2-040501.JPG (129821 bytes)redfish1-040501.JPG (106131 bytes)skiff1-040501.JPG (110666 bytes)

skiff2-040501.JPG (98829 bytes)skiff3-040501.JPG (107665 bytes)speck2-040501.JPG (109787 bytes)specks1-040501.JPG (105216 bytes)

dining1-032201.JPG (138314 bytes)redfish2-032201.JPG (102542 bytes)skiff1-032201.JPG (140108 bytes)redfish1-032201.JPG (96509 bytes)

March 8 - 11, 2001

eating-030801.JPG (118399 bytes)stern-030801.JPG (122656 bytes)redfish-030801.JPG (123992 bytes)sunset-030801.JPG (94135 bytes)



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